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    When more success and personal achievement is what you’re in the hunt for, Don Xavier can help you go from where you are today to where you want to be.
    As the author of books such as Motivational Cycles to Successful Selling and Unleash the Magnet in You, Don has personally educated thousands of individuals on how to alter their conditioning and change their habitual way of thinking in order to achieve more success and personal fulfillment; and he can help you.


    Your keynote session: The Magnetism Effect was rated by our attendees as one of the top presentations at our conference, and the feedback was tremendously positive.

    Tom Miller & Alex Nicholson – Pro-Seminars


    It is wonderful to see the progress you have made over
    the years. You are a great talent and it shines brightly.
    You exemplify the best of your Cape Verdean Heritage – smart, hard-working, energetic, and handsome. YOU REPRESENT!

    Edward Andrade


    I learned a lot throughout the two days – but after your talk – somehow I felt like I was more grateful and excited about the whole event…your energy really enhanced my overall experience, for sure! I started your book before sleep last night, and first thing this a.m. – I stood in front of my bathroom mirror… and yelled…YES! YES! YES!.. made me laugh. What a great way to start the day… I look forward to attending one of your seminars…in the meantime, I have notes and your book to refer to. They will help keep me pumped!…



    I felt your brilliance jump off the pages of
    your website. Your magnetism concept is
    intriguing. Bravo on your Success.

    Bill Cornelius


    Don, may I say… at first I just sort of browsed through your daily messages. However, as an independent broker I find you the “PALM IN MY BACK” that is supporting me through each day! I am so thankful that I connected with you and I am sure you are helping me stay focused and excited about each potential sales day. Thank you.



    Don, I know that the passion
    and enthusiasm you have is highly contagious and will captivate the minds and hearts of a generation and motivate them in the direction
    of success. I wish you all the success in reaching and
    helping people realize their full potential.

    Omar Amr