Maximize your opportunities by learning how to effectively grow your business with 2 or 4 months of coaching and mentoring tailored with your goals and objectives in mind.

What others say about Don Xavier…


Having personally attended the Boost The Value of Your Business workshop by Don Xavier, I would highly recommend it as an excellent investment in time for anyone interested in developing their personal and professional performance.  From start to finish, this seminar is packed full of ideas, concepts, planning techniques, compliance information and includes many ways to improve your business and stimulate your passion. – Bill Walker, Director of Individual Products, Ontario Blue Cross

quotes-rightAlthough I have over 30 years of experience, the 2-day workshop was time extremely well spent, packed with ideas and concepts that I hadn’t used for years, and new ones as well. It re-ignited my enthusiasm and commitment to be the best that I can be. I highly recommend it for veterans and rookies alike. – Jon Snelson, Financial Planner

Coaching and mentoring is a long-term commitment, and requires patience. You can experience significant, life-changing personal growth and development that will help you reshape your life and business within 2 to 4 months.
During this time, you will build a strong positive relationship with the coach and focus on personal growth and transformation by altering your conditioning and changing your habitual way of thinking and behaving to achieve more success in your life and business.

Not only will you resolve the present issues that you are seeking coaching for, you can also expect to achieve the following positive changes in your life and business after starting a coaching and mentoring program:

  • Focused mindset
  • A boost in your confidence level
  • Positive energy and better attitude
  • Better work ethic and habits
  • Working smarter and more effectively
  • Richer mindset, clearer vision
  • Stronger relationships building
  • Higher performance and results
  • More balanced and efficient life

If personal growth and development is your most important value, then this long-term coaching and mentoring package is for you. You can expect to become a permanently motivated and inspired individual with a definite purpose in your life and business. Possess more determination, discipline, dedication and desire to experience personal success on a scale that you never thought imaginable before.
You will possess a behavioural process that will allow you to become completely irresistible and magnetic in order to attract people and business to you. Increase the value and quality of your work and become the very best professional you can be.

Sessions: 8
Duration: 2 hour-long sessions – you can choose a monthly or bi-weekly plan.

My programs have been developed based on personal successes and researched & studied experiences. The tools are to be used by the professional financial advisor who must exercise professional judgment and are solely responsible for the use of the newly acquired knowledge. Don Xavier has no liability or legal responsibility as to how the newly acquired knowledge is applied.

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