This program is simple! It is a contract of bi-weekly or monthly, 90 minutes of Coaching and Mentoring customized for you following a complimentary, written individual needs evaluation.

What others say about Don Xavier…


I attended Don’s motivational class and he made tremendous positive changes in my life. His workshop was very informative and resourceful to reinvent myself. His passion for teaching has changed the way I think and act to achieve more success in my life. Everyone, who wants to succeed, should attend his workshop.
quotes-right– Vanna Sivaraj, Insurance advisor

I found Don’s class to be very helpful. He provided a unique insight and many useful tips on how to set myself apart from the rest, along with details for doing better business with my clients.
– Dania Jamadar, Insurance Advisor

What is holding you back from increased revenue and clientele? I have the tools and resources you need to increase your bottom line and reach your ultimate business goals.

Like the other programs, you will complete the online questionnaire in its entirety followed by a meeting to establish your needs and goals. Then we will design a strategic personal plan to act upon, in order to reach your ultimate business goals. Many people have begun to experience multiples of profits by investing in themselves and their business with this 4 – 90 minute interactive program.

Every great salesperson knows that you need a no-nonsense guide for sales success. This powerful, hands-on, coaching and mentoring program will assess your skills and tune them up to become a top producer. Together we will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and give you the opportunity to significantly boost the value of your business.

Regardless of your present level of success in your business, I can help you make a leap to the next level of success. Let me ask you the following 10 questions and answer them honestly.

  1. Do you passionately like helping people?
  2. What is the one specific knowledge you need to learn to gain more success?
  3. Are you equipped with the right tools to take your business to the next level?
  4. What do you need to stop or change in order to achieve more success?
  5. Do you strongly believe in yourself and your business?
  6. Do you have an effective strategy, or a great product/service to create massive success?
  7. Are you enthusiastically interested in making a positive difference in your life and others?
  8. Exactly how do you overcome adversity?
  9. What are your biggest fears? Poverty, criticism or death?
  10. Are you mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready to accept more success?

Once you have honestly answered the above 10 questions, we can decide where your success blocker is and establish a coaching and mentoring program to specifically remove your particular success blocker(s) and move ahead with massive courage and confidence.

Duration: 90 minutes long sessions – you can choose a monthly or bi-weekly plan.
My programs have been developed based on personal successes and researched & studied experiences. The tools are to be used by the professional financial advisor who must exercise professional judgment and are solely responsible for the use of the newly acquired knowledge. Don Xavier has no liability or legal responsibility as to how the newly acquired knowledge is applied.

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