Do you need to jump-start you career? In this 2 – 90 minute face-to-face, Skype or telephone coaching and mentoring program, I will put you on the right track and provide you with a clearer, ongoing roadmap to personal success. We will create a roadmap starting at your present stage and provide you with a step-by-step recipe to get you where you want to go.

What others say about Don Xavier…


Don’s teaching helped me tremendously with how to develop a business and marketing plan, plus best practice in my business along with motivation and how to remove my success blockers.
– Francis Monteiro, Insurance Advisor/Social Entrepreneur 

quotes-rightIn Don’s workshop I learned great selling techniques and how to boost my business and significantly improve myself personally and professionally. I learned how to deal with my fears, procrastination and prospecting. Thank you Don Xavier.
– Nataliya Kiselova, Insurance Advisor

Great sales people have figured out that you don’t need to be extraordinary to achieve extraordinary results. You can be an ordinary individual with the right mindset and the willingness to take focused action, and you can achieve extraordinary results.
When you’re applying the correct skills, the magic begins.
Your industry can be life-changing for you and your clients alike when you know the skills and you apply them to help others achieve success.

Like the other programs, I will provide you with a questionnaire to complete in its entirety followed by a meeting over the telephone to establish your need and goals to design a strategic personal plan to jump-start your business. Many people have begun to experience multiples of profits by investing in themselves and their business with this short but effective program.

  • Face-to-face Coaching & Mentoring is at my office in Toronto
  • Interactive session

Invest in yourself. After all, you are your number one asset. The fact of the matter is, everyone needs coaching and mentoring. Imagine a sports team or an Olympic athlete without a coach. How well would they perform? Now, why shouldn’t your life and business be treated with the same care and respect as an athlete or a sports team? Most people that seek coaching and mentoring are actually very bright and successful in many areas of their life and business. They seek personal coaching and mentoring to balance everything together and achieve a higher level of success. Most successful entrepreneurs invest in a coach in order to maximize their overall success. Just imagine that by learning just ONE great idea or strategy, it can be life changing financially.


Duration: 90-minute sessions – You can choose weekly or bi-weekly.
My programs have been developed based on personal successes and researched & studied experiences. The tools are to be used by the professional financial advisor who must exercise professional judgment and are solely responsible for the use of the newly acquired knowledge. Don Xavier has no liability or legal responsibility as to how the newly acquired knowledge is applied.

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