Don Xavier’s most requested topics are geared towards success, leadership, motivation, personal growth & development, high performance sales, marketing, and the art of persuasion.
Don’s programs are designed to educate, inspire, and empower his audience in any business and life situation.
The ideas are realistic, motivating and can be implemented by anyone, in any industry, immediately. Presentations are available as keynote and/or half-day to full-day seminars customized for your organization’s specific needs. Below you will find the programs for you to choose from.
Alter your conditioning and change your habitual way of thinking and behaving!

13 Proven, Time-tested Programs:

Boost the Value of Your Business: A How-To Workshop

Boost the Value of Your Business: A How-to Workshop. This comprehensive and interactive program is written and designed by an Insurance / Financial Advisor aiming to assist Insurance and Financial Advisors boost the value of their business.
This Program is available as a workshop and as a keynote deliverance for Financial Services organizations
(MGA or AGA) who want to motivate, and assist their advisors in boosting the value of their business.
Don Xavier will deliver this two-day program in your boardroom or his.
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15 Habitual Behaviors to Boost Your 2016

Learn why it’s so important to become a Maven (an expert) in 2016 and play at your best. It’s the year of change, instability, opportunity and reconstruction. It’s the year that you must strive to create personal history with every action you take in order provide excellence and differentiation in order to thrive.
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How To Succeed As A 21st Century Advisor

These are challenging times. Business as we know it is rapidly changing and we’re all being subjected to extraordinary pressure, regulations and scrutiny by everyone around us. This includes the companies we deal with, the regulators, our competitors, our clients, and even our associates. At Don Xavier Global Motivation, we have carefully researched and analysed business competitiveness in the 21st century and concluded that being good isn’t good enough anymore and even being great only makes you one of many. Therefore, you must be consistently on the hunt for excellence and differentiation to succeed.
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Are You A Negative or A Positive Thinker?

Whether you’re a positive or negative thinker, I believe it’s because of who you have become as a result of your past thoughts and actions! A positive thinker can always see the invisible, can feel the intangible, can create opportunities and can achieve the impossible.
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Remove Your Success Blocker

In this presentation, Don Xavier will focus specifically on the trigger points that may be blocking your success. The first solution to every challenge is: knowing what the challenge is!
You will learn from real life examples that what the mind believes, and what you’re passionate about, will become your reality when you ACT upon it with belief, passion and determination!

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Unleash the Magnet in You

In this compelling program, Don Xavier will explore the Ultimate Challenge, which lies in a simple yet intense process to alter the way you think and behave. Unleash the Magnet in You, will discuss the specific principles utilized by most successful individuals in order to have, achieve and create almost anything you wish out of your life. Learn ways to improve your life forever and experience triumph.

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Unleash Your Ultimate Sales Power

In this interactive program, Don Xavier will illustrate how to Unleash your Ultimate Sales Power based on
personal successes and time-tested experiences. He will discuss the specific principles and strategies utilized by most successful sales individuals in order to take their business to the next level.

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Who can Benefit Don’s Presentations?
Don Xavier’s presentation has attracted individuals and companies of many different backgrounds, including:

  • Company conferences
  • Every day people who want to enhance their quality of life
  • Insurance brokers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Sales Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers and Team Leaders
  • Multi-level Marketers
  • High Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Churches
  • Business owners
  • Mid-level Management
  • Government employees
  • Human resources
  • Members of Groups and Associations

13 Proven, Time-tested Programs

Unleash Your Ultimate Sales Power ®
Prospecting on Success Avenue ®
Unleash the Magnet in You ®
Be an Entrepreneur ®
Boost the Value of Your Day ®
Are a Negative or a Positive Thinker? ®
How to Succeed as a 21st Century Advisor ®
Remove Your Success Blockers ®
Creating Opportunities ®
Goal Setting, Planning & Self-Management for Sales Professionals ® Presentation & Close Sales ®
Boost The Value of Your Prospecting Mastery ®
Shift Your Clients’ Reasons to Buy – Objections Mastery ®

NOTE: Special fee arrangements can be made for Schools, Churches, Charitable Events, Community Events and Non-profit Organizations.

For more information or to make an inquiry or an appointment, please contact:
Don Xavier at 1-416–562-9780 or 1-866-396-5445.
Inquiries about keynote deliverance, speaking topics, rates and availability will be answered promptly.
Programs are available in 60 – 90 minute formats